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u.s. Patent D659,514.

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T-TOPPER order information:
Deluxe $19.99 each+ Taxes
Decoy Only Mount $9.99 each + Taxes
Buddy Pack $14.99 each + Taxes

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Available in:
-Single units-
-Box qty. of 6 units-
-Master Carton qty. of 48 units (8 boxes of 6)-

*All C.C. fees apply

Buddy Pack - Available at Outdoor Shows as well as an option for qualifying Outfitters offering bird hunt packages
Includes: Two (2) T-TOPPER decoy mounts.

Each Deluxe clamshell package includes: one (1) T-TOPPER device, wrench, locking bolt, and two (2) Stainless steel zipties.
U.S. Patent D-659514
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